Moraga Chamber looking for wine donations for their fundraising raffle

Dear Members,
I received the email below from Kathe Nelson who is the Executive Director of the Moraga Chamber of Commerce.
If you would like to donate wine for their raffle, please contact Kathe at or 925.323.6524.
Bill Scanlin
President, Lamorinda Wine Growers Association
I’m not sure if Susan Captain passed this promotion along to the Wine Growers or not, but Carol Haag suggested I contact you. The Chamber of Commerce is holding a Wine Raffle featuring Premium wines. We are selling tickets and asking for donations of Bottles of wine. First place is 20 bottles, second place 15 bottle and 3rd is 10 bottles. I know that you all get asked for donations all the time, but I was hoping to be able to feature and include a bottle or two of wines from  the Lamorinda AVA in each basket.

Would you be able to pass this request along to the Lamorinda Wine Growers to see if anyone is willing to donate a bottle or so? The money from this Raffle goes directly back into the Chamber to offset the loss of the $9000 underwrite the Town had previously provided.

I would be happy to pick up any donations, and if possible, have them by the end of next week.

Thank you for any support of this project.

Kathe Nelson

Executive Director
Moraga Chamber of Commerce
1480 Moraga Road C #254
Moraga, CA 94556

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